No Way! Six Months Already?

Holy shit I’ve been travelling for 6 months, it’s a miracle I even made it past 6 days! I’ve had some ups and downs with my travels and I feel very proud of myself for getting the courage to travel solo. Despite the downs I don’t regret taking this leap of faith and I’m lucky to have seen so many amazing places and cultures so far.

So, I learnt pretty quickly that it’s good for the soul to be flexible whilst traveling and just having a rough plan. This is a little bit difficult for someone used to organisation and having things planned. Like alot of people I like to feel in control of my life. Five minutes of using public transport in Asia and I soon learnt that organisation isn’t even in the dictionary here!

My initial travel route for the year looked like this: 3 months in Indonesia – Singapore – Malaysia – Thailand – Laos – Cambodia – Vietnam – then God knows where! Well, guess what? It certainly didn’t turn out that way.

My travel route so far has been: 2 months Indonesia – 4 days Singapore – 1 week Malaysia – 3 weeks India – 3 weeks Malaysia – 3 days Hong Kong – 11 days Japan – 1 month Nepal – 1 month Thailand – Laos (where I am now).

It’s been such an incredible adventure so far and one I never ever dreamed I would be doing. I spent a year working all the hours God sent me to get me here and I feel incredibly lucky to be living my dream that I worked so hard for.

It’s always nice to have milestones like this so I can look back and reflect on what’s happened, so here are my highlights from the last 6 months.

Mount Bromo and Mount Ijen:

No trip to Java would have been complete without a trip to these famous volcanoes. This was the first time I’d climbed up one volcano never mind two within three days.

I’ve written about both of my experiences at Bromo and Ijen and how to plan your trip.

My Birthday in Ubud:

I loved Ubud and stayed there for 8 days. It was also my birthday so I splashed out on a private villa at the Pita Maha resort complete with four-poster bed, a bathtub with rose petals and a private pool. There was also an infinity pool which I had to myself for the whole morning. Even more amazing was that the Hotel Manager arranged a birthday cake for me!

I enjoyed some amazing Indian food and an indulging 2 1/2 hours of beauty treatments (hot stone massage, body scrub and facial). It was the perfect way to relax into my 31st birthday.

Annapurna Circuit:

So this was one of my trips which I didn’t expect to be doing. But, thanks to a lovely traveller who told me about Nepal and some intervention from the Universe I did the most amazing and challenging thing in my travels so far.

This was an amazing two week trek through the Himalayas which was absolutely breathtaking.

You can read about my adventure here.


After a shaky start to India I finally made it to Goa and spent two weeks here. The beaches were beautiful and hands down the best sunsets I’ve seen so far on my travels.


Visiting Japan was a dream-come-true for me even if it was just for 11 days. I visited Tokyo, Kyoto and Hiroshima and loved every moment. My highlight was seeing the Golden Pavillion as it’s such an iconic structure and seeing it in real life was amazing. Getting to eat sushi everyday wasn’t too shabby either!

Cameron Highlands:

This is a lovely part of Malaysia and was great for relaxing, seeing the tea plantations and some hiking, It was also the place where I started my travel blog 🙂


It was so good I came back for a second visit. I stayed in Georgetown which is such a cute place with so much history and charm. It was also easy to get around and go to the National Park and do some hiking.

Eating at Cuca in Jimbaran:

A fellow traveller convinced me to join her for food at Cuca which is a Michelin star restaurant in Jimbaran, Bali. We failed in our first attempt to get there because as soon as we left the hostel the heavens opened. I was driving and couldn’t see a thing so we gave up. We made it there the next day for lunch and had the 7 course tapas menu.

It was 500000IDR each  but it was totally worth it. The food was amazing and unique, each mouthful just got better and better. The Head Chef, Kevin, was also fantastic and even gave us complimentary cocktails as it was our last night in Bali. We also got to see inside the amazing kitchen.

Beach Life in Gili Air:

Nothing more needs to be said 😉

Snorkelling in Karimunjawa:

Karimunjawa is an island north of Java and was a lovely place to relax for 3 days. It’s not really been touched by tourism which was a welcome change. I really enjoyed snorkelling here and the guide was able to get some great shots for me.

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