Applying For The New Vietnamese E-visa

If you’re planning on a single-entry visit to Vietnam for 30 days maximum then applying for the new e-visa is relatively simple. Before I started travelling last November I’d read that to gain entry into Vietnam I’d need a visa in advance. This would involve purchasing an invitation letter from an authorised visa agency. This Read More


The Long Way to Luang Prabang

21 days, 7 buses, 11 tuk tuks, 2 boats and hours of incredibly beautiful mountain and riverside scenery and I finally made it to Luang Prabang! I only had one month in Laos and I was toying with the idea of travelling from north to south then heading overland to Cambodia. Something was telling me Read More


Learning About the Secret War in Laos

Laos is a stunningly beautiful little country which is largely rural and mountainous. I knew nothing of its war-ravaged history before coming here, however, after travelling off the typical tourist trail I am pleased to say I’ll be leaving this country a little more educated. During my month in Laos I unexpectedly visited two places Read More