Dealing With Anxiety In Vietnam

I was expecting my post about Vietnam to be similar to other posts about places I’ve been but unfortunately I find myself writing about the anxiety I faced during my one month there. When researching Vietnam I was presented with mixed opinions…some people loved it, others hated it and vowed never to return. The negativity Read More


No Way! Six Months Already?

Holy shit I’ve been travelling for 6 months, it’s a miracle I even made it past 6 days! I’ve had some ups and downs with my travels and I feel very proud of myself for getting the courage to travel solo. Despite the downs I don’t regret taking this leap of faith and I’m lucky Read More


5 Reasons Why I’ve Created My Blog

After reading many travel blogs before starting my travels I too thought it would be a great idea to create my own and share my experiences. Most of the travels blogs I read are by professional full-times bloggers who are making money and travelling indefinitely. I became abit intimidated as I really wanted to start Read More